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The Pilgrimage Part One

Explore a sci-fi metaverse.
In the late 22nd century, a hyper-connected solar system is in chaos: the teleportation infrastructure that connected every aspect of people’s lives has been cut off.

Build a life in a world on the edge.
As mankind and its satellite colonies struggle to adapt to a new, fragmented reality, multiple factions have emerged, each seeking to restore the portals for their own ambitions.

Rise to success. It all starts with a card…
As disorder reigns, the only way for you to get by is as a Sharp, an expert card player, taking on other players for resources, money and your survival.

Sci-fi meets strategy in this space-age metaverse, where every game is a gamble for your future – and perhaps the entire solar system’s.

About Us

Mira Productions srls

Mira Productions is a production company based in Rome that works across a variety of audiovisual and creative content, from adverts to TV series, documentaries and multimedia entertainment.

Nodo42 srl Partner

Nodo42 is an Italian start-up that deals with software development, graphics and 3D modeling. Our flagship product is Farming Tales, an NFTs metaverse on the WAX blockchain, which aims to connect the real world of agriculture with that of NFTs.

Taco srls Partner

Taco is a scalable blockchain NFT gaming project, designed to bridge existing blockchain projects and integrate both gaming, utility and DeFi to create a fun, high-quality ecosystem with a strong token stability. Taco heavily relies on the use of smart contracts, mobile and web apps in order to provide the best user experience for investors, gamers and projects.

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